Since the installation of our much celebrated offshore wind farm, Block Island has found itself in the national spotlight as a leader in progressive environmental measures. Of course the island has already established itself as a place where conservation of the environment and open spaces is of the utmost importance. But over the past winter Block Island has stepped up its commitment to protecting the environment by enacting a ban on both single use plastic bags and balloons. These objects are commonly found washed up along the shore and have caused a major disruption to the fragile ecosystems that allow wildlife on the island to thrive.

     In an attempt to step up our own game, the Mohegan Cafe asks for your understanding as we attempt to “go straw-less”. Plastic drinking straws are another top polluter of the environment and as a high volume restaurant we’d be remiss not to try and do our part to further the island’s reputation as a place where the ecology is taken seriously. So please help us take another step towards making Block Island a leader in environmental activism.

    It’s up to you. Don’t suck. Sip.